Our vision

Khora’s mission is to enhance the lives of our clients by providing spaces in which they can escape from the noise and commotion of everyday life and relax and re-energise in a light and airy atmosphere that melts into the surrounding environment. We will do this through a range of unique glass and metal structures engineered to the highest standards and using the best quality materials, all of which incorporate our signature curved glass dome.


Khora is named after an ancient Greek word - a philosophical term first mentioned by Plato as a space or interval between being and non being. It is like a mirror which holds an image as a reflection, but the image itself is an illusion.

The first inspiration for Khora came from Decimus Burton’s design for the Palm House at Kew Gardens. This pioneering building used for the first time wrought iron spanning very large widths without intermediate supporting columns and diagonal bracing. This gave us the idea to create a new style of steel structured garden room with a dome of classical proportions.

The effect is light, airy and delicate and the surface structure is so insubstantial compared to the volume enclosed that the building appears to blend into the surrounding environment.


Khora was founded by Designer Louis Calmels, whose business Calmels Design and Construction has been making custom-built high quality architectural metalwork, garden structures, furniture and lighting for more than 25 years. Metalwork has been the occupation of the Calmels family for 3 generations, and the craftsmen working in the business have remained in the company throughout their working lives.

The steel structural elements are made at our London workshop and customers can visit the showroom in SW8 for consultations.