All Khora buildings have a stand-alone steel structure. The framework comprises six 'I' beams which support the dome. To form the shape of the dome, the beams curve and taper inwards until they fix onto a substantial steel ring in the centre. Twenty four delicate 'T' iron ribs form a framework for the glazing. All the steel work is shot blasted and zinc sprayed to rustproof the structure before painting.


The dome is created with classical proportions made popular in the Renaissance and the delicate lines of the steel structure allow almost uninterrupted views of the garden and the sky beyond. The large volume of space enclosed by the dome offers enormous potential for the interior design and layout, and can be used effectively for bold painting inside, or the addition of a dramatic chandelier. The inclusion of decorative v-shaped cross beams to form a star pattern near the apex of the dome is optional.


A special feature of Khora domes are their curved double glazed units. The units comprise an internal pane of 6mm toughened glass, a 16mm Argon filled cavity and a 6mm toughened outer pane. The specification of our glass can be varied to achieve the best thermal performance for the building to reduce overheating in summer and heat loss in winter. Self-cleaning glass is also an option.


Below the dome, the steel structure is completed with hardwood windows and doors. We use sustainably sourced Sapele hardwood from a registered and certified supplier. Sapele mahogany is a dense and durable wood highly suited for external joinery. Our double glazed windows and doors can be tailor made to meet your requirements, with a variety of styles and accessories available, including custom-made ironmongery.

The Lantern

Our standard lantern is a classical hexagonal glazed design with a copper clad Cupola above. In time, the copper ages to a beautiful verdigris finish. The lantern is another feature that can be tailor-made to satisfy your requirements. There are several design options available and the inside of the lantern can be decorated with a painted trompe l’oeil scene, such as the night sky. The Cupola itself can be finished off outside with a custom-designed weather vane made by us, or other decorative metal finials and mouldings.


We offer a bespoke design service in association with specialist company Lapcidia. Options include Carrera marble, cut in a variety of geometric patterns and colours, as well as stone and slate. Floor grilles, inset lighting and underfloor heating are also options.


We offer a lighting design service and unique custom-made light fittings. Standard options include internal and external lights, inset floor lights, concealed LED strip lighting and column lights. We create custom-made metal chandeliers in a variety of styles, and also have an association with Rocco Borghese, who designed and installed the glass chandelier shown here. Our own design lamps, floor lamps and candelabras are also available.


Our structures can be painted to suit individual requirements and our Interior designer is available for colour consultation. We offer the full range of Farrow and Ball trade paints and finishes, and can create custom colours on request. We recommend the use of special finish developed for the various surfaces – wood, stone and masonry and metal.